333 Numerology - A Sign that Ascended Masters are Around You.

333 Numerology is the sign that the ascended masters are working closely with you.

Jesus, Christ, 333 numerology, ascended master

You have called on them and they have heard your prayer.

Be Mindful of Signs

If you are seeing this number repeatedly on clocks or license plates it is a sign that the the highest of beings are around you now.

You could have Jesus, Mother Mary, Budhha, Saint Theresa, and any other Saint or Ascended Master that you pray to nearby.

Your prayers have been heard and the Masters are with you at this time.

Talk to them. They say, "Tell us how we can help you.

Ask for guidance about what is on your mind.

We can help you but only if you ask as you have free will.

We can not intervene unless you ask."

Listen to the guidance that comes in the way of signs - you may have a question answered by a conversation you have with someone, overhearing something someone says to someone else in conversation, listening to a song on the radio, when reading a magazine or watching television.

Pay attention to what thoughts you get and especially any repetitive calls for action.

These are definite signs from the Ascended Masters.

You may even get a sign from a power animal.

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