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What does 666-Numerology mean?

If you are seeing 66 or 666 over and over, the angels are telling you that you are overly focused on materialism at this time.

You are thinking more with your head than with your heart.

You need to get back to listening to your true spirit.

When you do this you will remember that no thing can fill you up or take the place of what you are truly seeking which is peace and love. You have that in abundance if you allow us in and let Spirit lead the way.

Abundance Buddha

There is no lack and you don't need more stuff.

There is nothing wrong with having things but when you are overly concerned with making money and buying more the angels will show you this number sequence.

The message is that your priorities are off kilter and you need to balance them.

Nothing can fill you up. You seek a connection to God, your higher self, Spirit - whatever you choose to call it.

A way to find this is to meditate, take walks in nature, or spend time with a pet. Do whatever helps you to reconnect with that quiet, still side of you.

The following page: How to talk to your angels will help you connect with your Spirit.

Joy to life

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