9 Numerology


9 numerology: The number 9 signifies the coming together of all cosmic forces in the universe.

This number represents completion.

If you have this number as your life path number you are almost anal about getting it all done. A sense of completion is important to you.

Forgiving and Compassionate

Numerology 9: Life Path, Birthday, Name, and House Number Meanings

Numerology number 9: You are forgiving and you don't hold grudges. You have gone through a lot in this life as well as past lives.

You know what hardship is, especially emotional difficulties.

It is very likely that you have had tumultuous relationships, or feelings of abandonment in childhood with either one or both of your parents.

You have been hurt and so feel for others.

These experiences have helped you to grow into the human being you are today.

You are better off today for what you have been through because you can serve and help others.

You see and know a great deal. You are very loving and care about others.

You especially care for people who have gone through tough times in their emotional life as you have been there and can relate. There are two sides to you: you are social and you like time alone as well.

You are also a great humanitarian.

Career Choices

You would make an excellent diplomat, or leader in any business field. You like to run the show and do a good job of it. You are very evolved and would do well in fields related to spirituality or healing.

These individuals have great visions and can see well into future. For this reason you would do well in any job that has to do with future technologies.

You have the potential to be leaders on the cutting edge.

You are a seeker of knowledge; have an appreciation for the arts, and see the big picture. You enjoy talking and debating with others.

Your Life Lessons

People with the number 9 Life Path are here to learn and practice forgiveness. This is why they usually set up difficult childhoods in this lifetime.

They are here to achieve a sense of mastery.

Goal: You are to be of service to others and the world in some way.

You must provide a way to give back.

Numerology Challenges

If someone with 9 numerology as their life path number has not mastered the lessons of forgiveness and selfless love they can be selfish and narrow minded.

You like telling other people what to do. Be careful not to abuse your authority or be too bossy.

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