What are the Akashic Records?

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The Akashic Records are a vibrational record of your soul's journey. It is a record of your present lifetime as well as all the lifetime's you have ever lived.

Every thought, word, or deed you have had in a lifetime goes into these records. The Akashic Records are constantly changing as you grow and evolve.

The Records are protected by non physical light beings called the Lords of the Records. They determine who has access to the records and what information will be made available.

The Lords of the Records download the information from your Records to the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones who act as the intermediary between the Akasha and your Akashic Record reader.

Who are the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones?

Your Masters are non physical beings and have never lived on earth before.

They have been with you a very long time - since your soul's inception - and are responsible for your soul's growth and development.

Along with your Masters, you chose the plan for your soul and what lessons you would learn before you came here.

Depending on what you need at what time in your life, they willcall on the right teachers and loved ones to support you in your life.

Your teachers may have been in physical bodies. Unlike your Masters, they do not stay with you your whole life.

They are lesson specific and once you learn the lesson, they leave and go on to work with other souls.

Your teachers could have been ordinary folks who lived on earthor they could have been giants such as Jesus, Buddha, Mother Theresa.

Your loved ones are people you knew in this lifetime, but are now deceased. They are committed to your soul's growth and evolution. They could have been a grandparent or a distant relative.

The Masters and Teachers don't reveal anything about their identity when you get a reading as they don't want to take away from the purpose of the call.

If it will serve you to hear from a loved one, they will send a message during your consultation but the Lords of the Records still runs the session.

Read more about how your records are accessed here.

How Can the Akashic Records Help You?

Psychic Readings

This type of psychic reading is very helpful if you're feeling down, need some direction, want help in a particular area of your lifeor simply an answer to a question.

You are probably wondering, "How can it be so helpful? It works because the Lords of the Records along with your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, have known you since before you were born.

They know who you are at a deep level. They know what your blocks are and what you need to know, and see. They can help you get unstuck so you can get onto a path of growth, wellness, and happiness.

Read much more about how the Akashic Record Readings work and how they can help you here.

Getting Unstuck

It is possible to live a joyful, abundant, peaceful life but its not always easy with how things are set up on our planet. We get a lot of misinformation and are sometimes misguided which can cause us to lose our way.

Many times, we are continuing patterns from our childhoods that are causing pain in our lives.

Often times these are energetic patterns that have been with you for so long that you might not even recognize them in yourself anymore. You try to move forward but for one reason or another things just aren't going as you would like.

Does that sound familiar? If so, you need to go deeper to learn what is really going on with you.

It is also possible that a past life that is interfering with this life time.

Are You Fed Up and Frustrated?

You May Need to Remove a Block From a Past Life

How this works:

An Akashic Record reading allows you to see you are carrying around energy that is holding you back from a past life.

At the start of each lifetime, your soul sets out to achieve certain lessons and goals.

Sometimes, one lifetime is all it takes to incorporate the wisdom of a lesson into your consciousness. But, sometimes lessons take more than one lifetime. If this happens, you may reach the end of your life and you have not mastered what your soul set out to do.

When this occurs, your soul now has an energetic block or problem that needs to be cleared. When you reincarnate into your next physical body, this block is still present.

For example, you may have set up to learn the lesson of self-empowerment in a past lifetime.

This could take many lifetimes, so if for whatever reason this lesson was not mastered, it is now with you in your present life.

You may look at your family of origin and not even understand why you behave the way you do.

Your brothers and sisters are all independent and successful but you are struggling with dependency issues.

The reason is because this issue began in another lifetime.

Once you can understand the energetic blockages you are experiencing, you can begin to heal them. An Akashic Record consultation can show you all of this.

Everything becomes much clearer when you can understand how this condition began in a past lifetime. Things start to make a lot of sense at a deep level.

All of a sudden you understand why you struggle with the issues you do. Once you understand these things, you are then able to work at resolving them and letting them go.

If you don't evolve now, you will get an opportunity to learn the lesson for as many lifetimes as it takes.

Once your soul learns the particular lesson, it is free to incorporate the wisdom into its consciousness and move on.

You can read more about past lives and the Akashic Records here.

If you're feeling ready to learn how to access your own Records, click here.

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