What is an Animal Spirit Guide?


An animal spirit guide is an animal that stays with you your entire lifetime. It is not an accident which power animal is with you.

The traits, talents, and interests that you have are all enhanced by your power animal. You chose this animal because they have something they can teach you.

Sometimes we're not sure what we mean when we use the terms annimal spirit guide, power animal and totem.

These terms can be used interchangably though each one has a slightly different connotation.

The first two - animal spirit guide and power animal - get their origins from Shamanism. These animals were thought to bring power to the Shamin and stayed with him at all times.

A totem is shared by a family or group of people.

It is also used to describe a small representation of an animal.

For example, small animal figurines that people have on their desks at work or in their homes are totems.

On this site, I will use these terms interchangably.

Find Your Animal Spirit Guide

To learn who your guide is ask, "Who is my power animal?" internally. Trust the first answer that comes to you.

(clairaudience). Animal Spirit Guide

You may get the answer auditorily That is how I discovered mine. After asking the question, I clearly heard, "owl" in response to my question. I did it three times to be sure and each time I heard "owl".

If you are clairvoyant, you may get a picture in response to your question.

If you are claircognizence, after asking the question, you may simply have a knowing about which one is yours.

Lastly, If you are clairesentient, you may receive a gut feeling about whose your totem is.

And, even though one or more of the above ways is your dominant way of receiving messeges, don't be surprised if the message comes another way.

I considered clairaudience to be one of my least dominant ways to receive messages and yet that is how I learned who mine was.

Of course, to be able to do this, you do need to have a quiet mind.

A good time to do this would be when you wake up, or whileon a long walk.

If you want more help in hearing your inner voice, talking to your angels, and developing your psychic abilities are good places to start.

Your Power Animal Chose You For A Reason

It's not an accident that you have the power animal that you do.They are here to help you develop your natural abilities.

By understanding the power animal's natural talents that chose you, you can tell more about the qualities that come naturally to you and the ones you need to develop.

These qualities can tell you more about your personality and even shed light on your purpose in life.

Owl is known for his vision and clairaudience abilities. He is also known for his ability to help people communicate with the deceased.

As an intuitive and medium, this is the perfect totem for me.

You can ask your power animal to help you to develop the gifts that they have to offer.

Once you know your animal spirit guide, you can learn to hear what message they have for you.

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