Aquarius Likes and Dislikes

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On this page youll find Aquarius likes and dislikes:

What are people like born under the sign of Aquarius?

Like every sign, the waterbearers have their own set of personality characteristics.

While some characteristics will overlap from one zodiac sign to another, when you look at the list as a whole you will be able to get a picture of who they are.

Once you have this knowledge its fun to look at your own friends and family members and see how they relate to the description.

You have to step back a little and view their personality from the whole to do this.

Aquarius Likes

  • Analyzing

  • Thinking

  • Discussing

  • To know and understand

  • People

  • Their alone time

  • Their space

  • Being detached

  • The latest gossip

  • Being in a group

  • Things that are unusual

  • Alternative ways of looking at the world

  • Being unconventional

  • Tfreedom

  • free-lance work

  • being a good listener

  • creating, and inventing

  • anything modern

  • gadgets

Aquarius Dislikes

  • Feeling tied down

  • Clingy or possessive people

  • Narrow minded people

  • Feeling closed in

  • The conventional

  • Corporate culture

  • Being bored

Does this list of Aquarius likes and dislikes sound like you or someone you know? Tell us more here.

To read more and see how your friend and family members compare to the Aquarius description, visit Aquarius Profile

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