Aries Man in Love

An Aries Man in Love is passionate and daring.

An Aries man loves the excitement of the first glance and sexy flirtations.

He wants to be swept off his feet. He really is more in love with the idea of fallingin love than the everyday committment.

Mr. Ram wants love to be one exciting rendezvous after another. And if things get too boring, he may go looking elsewhere for someone who can bring those feelings of excitement back.

While he has great passion for the object of his affections, if this feeling is not reciprocated, he will find someone else. An Aries man in love is not the type of person to pine away for someone. He'll simply move on.

Will an Aries Man in Love be Faithful?

An Aries man in love won't always be faithful. He believes variety is the spice of life.

And in terms of his love life, the more the better. This isn't too say all Aries men are like this.

Certainly, the males who inhabit the highest characteristics of this sign can live happily ever after with one woman.

He has an incredible sexual appetite that needs to be filled. And he isn't shy about being the initiator and getting things going.

His rapicious appetite, along with this desire for new adventures is why the Aries male has more than his share of flings. He doesn't see the harm in it because to him no one is getting hurt.

For him to fall in love and commit, his mate will need to have a lot going for her. He desires someone who is in good social standing, and is sexually attractive.

He needs to be number one in whatever he does and since his partner is a reflection of him, she needs to be someone who is seen as a winner.

An Aries man in love will fall for someone who can boost his ego and remind him how wonderful he is.

He still hasn't learned how to do this for himself, so it is important that his partner be able to make him feel better about himself.

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