Aries Profile:

March 21 - April 20

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Aries Profile/Typical Aries Characteristics:

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries men and women are natural born leaders and pioneers.

They have a natural enthusiasm and vitality that draws people to them. Another characteristic of this sign is they are power driven and competitive in everything they do.

As a result of these qualities, along with being confident, they often achieve success at a young age.

By the time they are middle age they will have built a reputation and are a known public figure.

Some Aries, depending on when they are born in the month, can have a large ego.

These are the ones that boast to their friends about all of their accomplishments.

Part of the Aries profile is their need for excitement. They like a continual array of people and adventures.

Social status is also important to them. They will want to be seen at the best restaurants and places around town.

Another Aries trait is that it is important for them to be the best at what they do. If they know they can't win, they would rather not participate.

They are excellent communicators. They enjoy talking about current events, and hot topics of the day. They can be quite persuasive and make good debators.

They like to have many projects going at once and keep their schedule full. They are also physically active and on the go.

They have great passion for causes they believe in. If they set their eyes on a goal, they have razor sharp focus and determination. It is said, an Aries will step over and on anyone to get to where they want to go.

Aries Profile - Women

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Aries Profile:

The most striking factor of an Aries woman is her energy and vitality. When she walks in a room you know someone has entered. There is a dynamic quality to her. She oozes charm, personality, intelligence.

She can be determined and if she wants something she will not let anything stand in her way. In her dealings with others, she is direct and purposeful.

She is a leader in the truest sense of the word. She is also an excellent communicator.

Read more insights into the Aries women and their personality traits.

Male Aries

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The male Aries has many of the same qualities as a female born under this zodiac sign. They are very ambitious, competitive, natural leaders and successful.

Sir Elton John, J.P. Morgan, and Hugh Hefner are examples of high profile Aries. You can read more about the male Aries here.


Because of an Aries' passion, drive, and abilitiy to communicate so well they can do well in many careers. They would make a great athlete, or police officer because they are daring, and has fast reflexes.

Whatever he or she does they have to be the best. Success is what drives them and they will be most unhappy if they do not achieve this in the world.

Read about the best careers for Aries and how they handle money.


She is a romantic but is not sentimental. She is looking for a partner who is dynamic and very successful. In short, someone like herself.

She sees her partner as a reflection of her so it is important that he have a high social standing in the community. Once married, she believes in fideltity. Read more about Aries and Romance here.

Read all about the Aries relationships here.


Aries individuals experience strong and robust health. They have more energy than any other sign. They have amazing vitality and love to be on the go.

Their minds work overtime as they are always thinking. They love to be busy so much that sometimes they can tax their body to the breaking point.

Read more about an Aries' health, home, friends and other personality traits here.

My Aries Friends

Most everyone knows an Aries individual. They could be a friend, member of your family, partner, or maybe you are an Aries yourself. Our family has a lot of Aries and I have some friends who are born under this sign too. Read about my personal view of this astrology sign and submit your story, or question.

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Aries Male and Female:

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