Aries in Relationships

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This page is all about Aries in Relationships. In romantic relationships, you are romantic and daring.

You love the intoxicating feeling of falling in love. You desire to be swept off your feet.

Sarah Jessica Parker by David Shankbone

You really are more in love with the idea of being in a relationship rather than being in a real one.

You want to hear bells go off and have constant excitement. When that wears off, you're not as interested.

You can be faithful but often an aries needs so much excitement that they will have affairs on the side.

You have a large sexual appetitite that needs to be filled. You will not have a problem making the first move (if female) if your partner doesn't.

You are direct and bold. You need to be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings because often times you say things without thinking. You can be quite blunt. Read more about Aries in love here.

Aries in Marriage

Aries in Relationships: Marriage

You really don't need a partner because you are quite capable of taking care of yourself. In terms of marriage, you get married late in life or not at all. If you get married young, it may very well end in divorce.

Once you are married, you can remain faithful. It's just that many Aries' crave excitement and see nothing wrong with finding other people to fill their needs.

Married life can go well if your mate is as active mentally and physically as you are. You are looking for adventure and need someone who can keep up with you.

Your biggest problem is your stubborness. If you can remember to compromise you will fare much better.

A male partner to a female aries needs to be successful in the world. If not, your Aries' wife will not stop berating and nagging you.

Your success is important to her because she needs to be seen as the best and your image is a reflection on her.

If you do well in the world, she will be fullfilled and you will find that she is most supportive.


Aries in Relationships: Friends

You care deeply for the friends you have had all your life. They mean a great deal to you. But in truth, you have less friends than people would think. You are too busy jaunting here and becoming involved in this cause to make lasting friendships. The many acquaintances you have are more at the superficial level.

In relationships, you tend to think a lot about yourself unless you are an evolved Aries. Aries who inhabit the highest characteristics of the sign, enjoy giving to others more than taking. Your biggest challenge in relationships is to put your ego aside, and see things from other people's perspectives.

Your friends tend to be super over achievers like yourself and when you get together you discuss careers more than anything.

Love Compatibility

Aries is more compatible with some signs more than others. Click on the link below to see how well the Ram gets along with your sun sign.

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