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Dating a Taurus Man

What is dating a Taurus man like?

In the beginning, things will go slowly. He will take you to out to dinner and the movies, getting to know you over time. He is practical, and sensible. He isn't going to rush in and declare his love for you too soon.

What a Taurus needs from the women he dates: He needs to feel emotionally secure, cared for, and needed. He will make you feel the same way.

He is excellent at providing and will want to buy you gifts. If you give him a present let it be something practical that he can get use out of. For example, you could give him a warm sweater for winter or a blender.

Attracting a Taurus Man

Dating a Taurus man: the way to his heart is through his senses. He likes all the creature comforts.

One way to attract him is through his stomach. Cook him delicious home cooked meals, letting the aromas of the dish fill the kitchen.

He loves a romantic setting too so go all out. Cook him his favorite dish with wine, candlelight and romantic music. This will be very seductive and a way to his heart.

Anything that makes him more comfortable is good. So after that yummy meal, go relax on the sofa where you can enjoy talking and being close. Being in one another's arms, and slow dancing are other sure ways to his heart.

To summarize his likes: Women that need him and who will feel protected by the stability, and financial support that he can so generously provide. He likes that you have a practical, and resourceful side.

What he needs and what he is looking for: Someone who he can create a homey, comfortable life with. This bull is not looking to date for dating sake. He is looking to put down roots.

He really wants the emotional stability that comes with marriage. He also wants children. Read much more about the Taurus man here.

He will also appreciate a partner that is sensible and connected to their emotions. He can be a man of few words. You can help to draw him out by talking.

Women are naturally more open emotionally so you can help him in this area. Just by you being more expressive, will help him to loosen him up and relax more.

Taurus Sexuality

This bull is a no nonsense type of lover. He is not into games, role playing or anything kinky.

He is a straightforward but tender lover. He has a soft touch that will leave you wanting more.

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