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The following is a description of Virgo at work:

Virgo's need to love what they do. If they are not happy at work, all other areas of their life will be affected. This is because Virgo's define themselves by their jobs.

Time management, self-discipline, and efficiency are three skills that are deeply ingrained in the Virgo psyche. This, along with their quick thinking is why you will find many Virgo's at the top of the career ladder.

They are the most responsible sign in the zodiac and will put in the extra hours needed to get the job done.

When choosing what path or job to take, they can accurately assess their talents and will not take on more than they can accomplish. As an earth sign they are naturally realistic and practical.

Another description of Virgo is that they are cautious. While other signs might leave an unhappy work situation, it is a rare Virgo who will leave without having another job waiting in the wings.

They dread poverty and will make sure they work diligently to save for a home and have neccessary funds for when they need it.

Description of Virgo:
Industrious and Organized

Description of Virgo

Another great quality about them is they are industrious. They like to keep busy. After an hour or two of lounging (even on vacation) they will have to find something productive to do. Needless to say, they get an awful lot done. And they won't settle for anything less than perfecton so you know whatever they do will be done well and thoroughly.

They are concerned with their self image. They are polite and cordial, saying just the right things. In work, they will observe others and notice what their successful colleagues are wearing. Slowly, but gradually, they will rework their wardrobe and adopt this new look. They're good at imitating what works for someone else.

They work well under pressure and deadlines because they are so well organized. Most likely they will have already done all of the detail work long before the due date. And even if they were anxious about a deadline, you would never know it. To others, they will present a calm composure.

They're hard workers too. When everyone heads off to the local watering hole on Friday at 5:00, Virgos will stay working if there is something that needs to be done. They can take their allegience to the job too far. Many Virgos are what we would call workaholics. This attachment to their work can come from a fear or insecurity of not being valued and losing their job.

No one likes to be compared to a Virgo at work. They have such high standards for themselves that others can pick up on it. If you work with someone born under this sun sign, you might start to wonder if you're doing a good enough job.

If Virgos take this side of their personality too far, they can be very picky and overly critical. But when they are not in this highly critical mode, they can be interesting, fun, and witty.

Description of Virgo:
Best Career Choices

They are ruled by Mercury who is everything to do with communication. For this reason, many Virgos are writers and educators.

Any job that requires working with words is perfect for them so copywriting, editor, speech writer, and journalist are well suited professions.

They are great at knowing what works and what doesn't. Any job where they can rewrite, correct, and perfect their or someone else's writing is their area of expertise.

This ability to find something wrong and then fix it also makes them good at repairing computers, and cars.

They are also good at anything that shows people how to live more efficiently so a clutter or time consultant are also good professions for them.

They are patient and persistant so a piece of writing that requires months and even years will not phase them in the least. Many authors, such as Tolstoy, who wrote the lengthy novel, "War and Peace", was a Virgo.

Because they are so good with facts and figures Virgos make good accountants, mathematicians, scientists, and engineers. They also like writing computer programs and fixing them.

Many Virgos are research scientists and detectives because they are so adapt at observing human nature and putting clues together.

The human mind and what makes people tick is a big interest for them and you will find many are therapists and analysts. They're also very charitable and you will find Virgos in nursing and social work.

And of course, they are so health conscious that many doctors, nutritionists, and dieticians are born under this sign.

They love animals and some will find being a veternarian rewarding. They are also very interested in alternative healing so you will find Virgo aromatherapists, herbalists, accupuncturists and yoga, reiki, and tai chi instructors too.

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