Finding Your Spirit Guide

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Finding Your Spirit Guide

In order to meet your guide, follow these simple steps:

  1. Get into the trance state as practiced here.

    Channeling Your Spirit Guide

    Quiet your mind, and relax your body. Imagine yourself traveling higher; see yourself going through the clouds. As you continue to travel higher you see the planets and stars around you.

    When you feel you have gone high enough, stop. You are just a few short steps from finding your spirit guide. Continue when you feel ready.

  2. See a door and knock on the door. The door is opened by spiritual beings who are pure light and love. They greet you and give you a warm welcome. These beings are made of light and love. Feel the warmth they have for you. Welcome the love and light they are offering into your heart.

  3. Doorway to heaven
  4. These beings of light hold a doorway into another dimension. If you walk through this doorway your life will be changed as you reach higher states of consciousness and accelerate your growth. If you feel ready to make this step, walk through the doorway now. Finding your spirit guide might not be what you are ready for. If you don't feel this is the right time, that is ok too. It took me two years before I was ready to walk throught the doorway. You will know if you are ready.

  5. Once you are on the other side, notice all the loving, high energy. Notice the bright light. The light is so bright you need to put on sunglasses. At this time, ask for the highest guide who is aligned with you to come forward. Imagine your guide coming forward. Feel his or her love for you. Welcome them. Be aware of your own feelings in responding to their love.

  6. Get used to how your spirit guide feels. If you are able to, notice what they look like. I personally don't focus on the physical. I've never gotten a clear image of what my guide looks like. I focus more on the feeling. So it is ok if you don't get an image of what they look like. There is a valid reason you may have trouble with picturing them. Some spirit guides do not have a physical body. They are simply white light.

  7. Greet your guide. Affirm that they are from the light. Ask him or her if they are from the light. It is impossible for them to lie, so they will tell you the truth. If the entity says, "No", ask them to leave. Do not engage in talking with them. If this does happen, ask again for the highest light being that is for your highest good to come and work with you.

  8. Once you receive a "Yes", greet your guide; tell them it is nice to meet them. Ask your spirit guide for their name. If you don't get a name at first don't worry. Many times people don't get a name. If you do hear a name and you don't like it, they will change it for you. That's what happened to me. I gave my spirit guide a few suggestions. They next time, when I asked him his name he said one of the ones I had chosen.

  9. Light Shining
  10. Trust your feelings; After finding your spirit guide you should feel a loving, warm presence. If for any reason you feel fear or any lower energy ask the being to leave; That is not your spirit guide.

  11. Invite your guide to come closer to you; See your guide in your mind's eye coming closer to you. You will feel a warm loving presence all around you; You don't have to worry your guide will never overtake your personality. You will always be in control.

  12. Talk to your guide for a few minutes; tell him or her how glad you are to meet them and look forward to working with them. Get used to how the connection feels.

  13. Ask your guide to help you open up to channel and if there is anything you need to do to be able to channel. Once you have communicated with your guide for a few minutes, thank them for coming. Feel they're appreciation for you. Now, come back to your body slowly and adjust to being awake and present.

  14. Congratulations! Finding your spirit guide is a wonderful accomplishment. Now that you have just met your guide you will be able to verbally channel your spirit guide

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