Gemini Personality Traits

May 21 - June 21

Gemini Personality Traits, Astrology Signs

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is a mutable air sign.

Gemini Personaltiy Traits for our everloving Gemini twins:

Gemini is a mutable sign (as is Sagittarius and Picses) meaning it is always changing.

It's number one strength is its versatility. Gemini's can adapt and go with the flow like the best of them.

Gemini Personality Traits: Changing and Flexible

Gemini Personality Traits, Astrology Signs

Constantly changing is a big part of who they are. This is why Gemini relationships can be difficult to understand sometimes.

Gemini's change their minds alot. One minute they say one thing and the next minute its completely different.

They are also flexible. If something isn't working out like a job situation they will have no problem moving on.

The problem with this is they are sometimes known as job hoppers. Staying with something and seeing it through to the end is not their strong suit. They will get great enthusiasm to begin a project but as soon as it feels like work to them, they are on to the next idea.

They love to keep moving. Anything static is not for them. To give you an idea of what Gemini is think of someone you know who is telling a story and they keep changing and going off on tangents.

All the while you are supposed to be able to follow along when they are probably even confused by this point.

Their minds work very fast (as all air signs do) and can get ideas faster than any other sign in the zodiac. While we find it confusing to keep up with them, it is perfectly normal for them to be like this.

One thing is they are not boring. They can be exhausting but definately not boring.

They are excellent communicators and words are where they are most at home. These are the people who shine at cocktail parties.

They are outgoing, and love to chit chat. They work their magic as they share their ideas and communicate with others. If you notice when they talk, they use their hands. This is another Gemini trait.

They make good friends and can be counted on to be witty and engaging. They will not do well in a relationship where they are bored. The way to their heart is through humor. If you can keep your mate laughing and entertained you will succeed.

A person born under this zodiac sign needs to keep moving physically but they also need to keep moving mentally. Any relationship with lively conversation is appealing.

Their minds move fast and they can surmise a situation quickly. This is an air sign and they need to have their minds kept stimulated and learning. They like reading and especially magazines. Bring home a copy of the latest People Magazine for your Gemini woman and she will appreciate it.

Anyone born under this zodiac sign would make a great reporter, office worker, teacher, any job that involves travel, or a politician.

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Gemini Personality Traits:

Mysterious and Changing

Gemini-Personality Traits

You never really quite feel like you know someone born under this sign. There is a side of them that remains hidden but its also that they change so much.

They have so many different sides to them that it is hard for them to even know which is their true self.

Alot of this has to do with their mutable sign. They can be like chamelions changing to fit the needs of who they are with.

This is where they get their sign, the twins, from. Sometimes, you may feel like you are dealing with more than one person. They definately have a few sides to their personality. Of course, this is what makes them so interesting.

Nicole Kidman, Gemini Personality Traits

Sometimes, you might feel like they remain an enigma. Nicole Kidman is a good example of a Gemini in the media. Even though I've seen her on the screen and in interviews, I don't feel like I really can get a handle on who she really is.

I get the feeling she presents a side of herself for the viewers but that we never really get to know who she really is. She keeps this hidden so we can't get too close. They definitely like to keep most of themself to themselves.

My moon is in Gemini so I know a little about this sign first hand. There is a part of myself where I can relate to how Gemini's act in this regard. I don't show myself completely to strangers.

I think sometimes we feel people like this are aloof (as it can be perceived this way) and we don't like them as much because they don't open up fully and expose who they are. But this is simply the way their personality operates. They are engaging, fun, and lively once we get to know them

Gemini Personality Traits for Women

Gemini-Personality Traits

Another good example of a Gemini women who has a very high profile yet retains a sense of mystery is Angelina Jolie.

She presents a side of herself to the world but you don't feel like you know who they really are.

It's as if they present a persona they think we would want to see. This is very Gemini.

They are able to adapt and be who you are expecting. They can play a role better than most which makes perfect sense when you think about how they make their living.

The picture to the left is Angelina in Denmark prommoting a film. Notice how her hair and dress is madeover to blend in where she is. It's part of her personality to do this and she might not even be aware that she does this so well.

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Gemini Personality Traits for Men:

A man born under this zodiac sign will be charismatic, and smart. They are great communicators. This is the guy who can keep everyone in a crowd interested while they tell a story.

You will find them on their phone or the computer. They like to know what is going on in the news and could even be a news junkie. The way to their heart is to be able to keep up with them mentally. Be informed and share with them the latest event you heard about in the news.

Of all the signs, Gemini, is the biggest flirt. Flirt with this person. Whatever you do don't reveal everything to them about your yourself all at once in the beginning. This will most likely stop any chance of romance right there.

Gemini Personality Traits, John F. Kennedy, wife Jacqueline and daughter Caroline.

They like mystery and figuring things out. They also like spontaneity and surprise. So reveal little bits of yourself as you go along but keep a part of yourself to yourself.

John F Kennedy (on left), Jonney Depp, Prince, Gene Wilder, Clint Eastwood are examples of Gemini men.

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