Numerology Challenges

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Numerology challenges are inherent in every number. On this page we will look at some of the challenges for the numbers 1-5.

By understanding the challenges inherent in your life path number for example, you can do things to mitigate undesirable outcomes.

Numerology Challenges
for 1


Numerology Challenges for number 1 are they can be opinionated and stubborn.

The angels advice for them is to go with the flow.

Don't feel like you have to steer the show all the time. Let up feeling like you have to do it all.

You might find you enjoy taking some of the pressure of yourself, and letting someone else carry some of the burdens.

Numerology Challenges
for 2

Numerology- Challenges-Buddha

Challenges for someone with 2's in their chart is to let go of their dependency on others.

They need to learn to rely on their own judgement. They are also here to learn to set boundaries.

Another challenge for someone with this number is they want to help so much that sometimes they forget to take care of themselves.

You must learn to put yourself first. Self-care is important for you to learn.

Buddha had a 2 life path. I can't imagine Buddha having these challenges but he certainly fits the description of someone with this life path.

Two's want to help and serve others. They want peace at all costs.

Numerolgy Challenges
for 3

The challenge for someone with this number is to learn to take it easy. You have the propensity to go full force and can expend so much energy that you push yourself to exhaustion.

One of your challenges is to learn to pace yourself and set limits. They have a lot of nervous energy so they need to learn to harness this as well.

Arhangel Gabriel (where I am getting all this information from) says meditation and other techniques where you can quiet your mind would be very good for you.

A pet will help as well because they keep you in the present moment so it isn't possible to get too ahead of yourself and they give unconditional love which would be wonderful for someone with your loving nature.

Numerology Challenges
for 4

Your mind is going, and going. You are very driven and can be somewhat of a workaholic.

winter walk

Your challenge is to let go of the chatter in your mind and connect to your true source.

You would benefit from meditation and walks in nature also.

You can be stubborn and fixed on your point of view, to the point where you aren't even able to entertain someone else's.

Be open to other people's ideas and accept that you could be wrong - oh my goodness, did I really say that?

Numerology Challenges
for 5

numerology challenges ellen degeneres

You can be scattered all over the place with many differnt thoughts, ideas, and dreams. You find it difficult to settle on one plan and follow through.

The problem is you are interested in so many things that your attention gets pulled in many different directions.

Your challenge is too not get distracted by so many outside influences. Get quiet with yourself and figure out what is right for you.

And then stay focused on what is best for you at this time in your life. Set a plan and follow through, giving all your focus to this one idea.

Ellen certainly has managed whatever challenges her life path brings her. But one can see how she is a 5 life path.

Sometimes in her monologues on her talk show, she is all over the place - going where ever her mind takes her. You can tell she likes to keep herself amused, and is unconventional.

People with this life path have good energy and enthusiasm. They want each day to be new and different.

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