Pisces Woman
February 20 - March 20

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A Pisces woman is delicate, vulnerable, and sensitive. I speak from experience as I am a Pisces. I don't like to admit that we are vulnerable, and delicate, but it's true.

A Pisces woman is the type that gets choked when watching a romantic movie. They feel many emotions, and their constitution isn't the strongest either.

pisces woman

A secret about these fish is that they love to be adored and really need to feel cherished by their partner. Unless they feel that, they won't feel secure. They may find themselves testing their partner to prove your devotion to them.

Even if they are a modern woman they are still a romantic and would love for a man to come sweep them off their feet.

They are devoted to self-improvement but unfortunately are the last one to see when you have improved. Their self-image is less than desirable.

They can be inspirational to those who are down on their luck, or feeling down. And in fact, They love helping others. One of the reason they are so good at this is because they have gone through a lot in your own life and know what it is like to feel lost and alone.

They can be a dreamer and need to guard against dreaming your life away. It is important for you to take practical steps towards your goals.

They are sensual and enjoy anything that relates to the senses: feeling satin sheets against your body, love-making, swimming and relaxing on a deserted tropical island in the Caribbean, and stawberries dipped in dark chocolate are a few of your more decadent pleasures.

While a Pisces may wonder sometimes if they are weak or appear that way to others, there is nothing farther from the truth. Pisces woman are very strong.

However, sometimes they need to learn to stand up for themselves and how to say "no". They want to please others and therefore sometimes don't think enough of their own needs. This can get them into situations they don't want to be in.

pisces woman

It is said a fish has no backbone and that is why this sign has trouble asserting itself. But in all honestly, once a Pisces is aware that they don't say no when they want to, they can make great strides in developing a healther sense of self.

But overall, they have a quiet strength.

This is a sign, that will have undergone a lot in their life. As a result of this, they have a sense of universal understanding and the soul of an artist. They are visionaries who could change the consciousness of humanity.

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Pisces Characteristics

They are the dreamers of the zodiac and will often rather to stay living in their own minds rather than deal with the harsh realities of life.

They have deep feelings. They prefer to feel their way through the world as this is how they orient themselves.

A Pisces woman has a big heart and is very compassionate. They feel bad for anyone they see suffering and want to help everyone.

They are very intuitive and imaginative souls. They are intelligent, and have a lot of ideas.

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Pisces Relationships

pisces woman drew barrymore

A Pisces woman is supportive and loving. They love being in love and relationships of all kinds.

Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biehl, Glenn Close, Liza Minelli, Liz Taylor, and Kate Hudson are born under the sign of Pisces.

Sometimes they have trouble asserting themselves in relationships. They need to find their own voice, who they are, and what makes them happy.

Sometimes, they are happy to just go along with the flow. But it is important for a Pisces to make sure that they are being true to themselves and getting their needs met.

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