Ways To Increase
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Psychic Reading

One way to increase your psychic awareness is by communicating with the angels.

psychic awarenss and akashic records

Angels are all around you. They want to help you and communicate with you but they can't unless you ask for their assistance because we all have free will.

Talking with your angels is easy. You can simply say, "Angels, help me" and they will come to your side.

Or you can talk to them like you would a friend about whatever is on your mind.

Here, you can learn more about the seven main angels.

Talking to your angels helps you to establish a connection with your sixth sense.

It gets you into the habit of leaving your left brain (logic) and using your right brain (intuition) because in order to hear them you need to quiet the rational part of your mind and open up to your feelings.

We are so used to staying in our logical left brain that it takes a little practice.

But, utilizing our right brains is the first step to increasing one's psychic awareness.

Getting Quiet

psychic awarenss and akashic records

The best way to hear your angels and increase your psychic abilities and psychic awareness is to get quiet in your mind.

Meditation, spending time in nature, walking your dog, painting, or any activity that helps you connect with your inner being will get you to the place where you can ask and receive messages.

In the beginning you need to believe and have faith that you are hearing the angels because it will most likely feel like your imagination.

Ask for a Sign

psychic awareness and angels

If you want proof, you can ask for a sign. I did that once and it changed my thinking forever.

I said silenty to myself something like, "Angels, show me that you really exist. That you are here now and can here me."

Two seconds later the huge mirror that hangs over the couchin my living room came off the wall and dropped to the floor.

I'm not kidding.

Out of the blue this heavy, large mirror just fell to the ground.

It had been hanging on the wall perfectly fine for several months and then bam, it crashed a few seconds after I said that.

I was sitting near the couch (not on it) when it happened and no one got hurt. And the other thing that surprised me was it didn't shatter at all.

Leave it to the angels to let it drop like that. I will never forget that. I never doubted that the angels were real and listening to me after this incident.

If you have an angel story I'd love to hear it. You can read my stories and tell me your your angel story here.

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic Awareness:

Increasing your psychic abilities is about opening up your intuitive skills.

We are all born with an intuition, but in some it is naturally more pronounced.

psychic awarenss and psychic readings

If you are someone who doesn't feel very in touch with your intuition and are reading this, know that you most certainly can increase your psychic abilities.

It's like any other muscle and once you develop it, it gets stronger and easier to use.

Developing your psychic abilities begins with listening to that still, quiet voice inside of yourself.

psychic awareness and akashic records

You need to get quiet and tune into your inner being.

The ability comes from your connection to Source Energy, your Inner Being/Spirit, Buddha, or whatever you believe in.

Another good idea to help move you forward is to develop a spiritual practice.

A spiritual practice can be setting aside fifteen minutes a day to sit quietly.

Be in a place where it is quiet and you will not be distracted. Get comfortable and listen to your breathing.

Read more about these ideas about how to develop your psychic ability plus somepsychic ability exercises here.

Read more about how you can increase your psychic awareness here.

Private Instructor and Class:

psychic readings

If you would like some one on one help to develop your intuitiveskills and psychic awareness, we have someone on this site who specializes in helping others do just this.

Sarah, our site intuitive coach says,

"One of the first ways to begin opening up your intuition is to become aware of what fears and beliefs you have related to intuition.

Are you currently afraid of what others might say about you if you are intuitive?

Are you afraid of what you might see and discover about yourself? Do you have a fear of changing certain patterns and lifestyles in your own life if you open up your intuition?

Those are just a few examples of potential fears and beliefs you may be hanging onto."

You can read about her teachings and watch her video. And you can read more about the class being offered.

Psychic Readings

Sarah also offers angel readings and psychic readings by email.

Chanda offers akashic record and angel readings. You can read more about the email and telephone psychic readings we offer here.

Their Messages are Subtle

Once you start talking to Spirit or your Angels, the easier it gets.

As your psychic awareness grows you will begin to notice how you are getting the messages from Source Energy.

The angels can be subtle. You may think its your intuition. That's ok.

You can read more about their subtle messages and how to open your psychic eye here.

Are you claricognizant, clairaudient, clairesentient, or clairevoyant? Discover which psychic power is your strongest here.

And be sure to check out our free oracle readings.

Some Benefits to Increasing Your Psychic Awareness


The benfits of listening to your intuition are great.

You won't feel as stressed or anxious about anything because you know you can get guidance from your angels when ever you need them.

Also you will feel more peaceful because you will know you are on the right path.

You'll be able to trust that you are in just the right place wherever you are at this time.

Your life really is unfolding for your highest good and you are just where you are supposed to be.

However if you would like to accelerate the lessons you are learning, talking to your spirit guides is another way to increase your psychic awareness. Your life can change. With the help of spirit, watch as you have more peace and joy in your life.

Watch as you get more in the flow and your relationships, finances, and health improve.

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