Taurus Men

George Clooney, Taurus Men

George isn't a typical Taurus in my mind mostly because he never married. When I think of a male born under this zodiac sign I think of someone who is settled down with a family and living a life built around comfort and security. But I'lladmit I only know him from the media or what we perceive from his roles in movies so it would be tough to say. He's nice to look at it though:)

Taurus men are quite concerned with making money. They need to feel secure in the world. One way they do this is by having enough money in their bank account.


They like to provide a comfortable lifestyle for their partner. As they are driven and hard workers, most can.

They are dependable and solid. They have a good sense of humor and like a stable home environment.

Most evenings, they prefer to stay home with their companion and fix somthing around the house than go out on the town.

During the day, anything that gets them outdoors in nature is excellent. They enjoy hiking, tennis and running to name a few activities.

They are an earth sign and really need to spend time outdoors.

Attracting a Taurus

Love him for who he is, not what he can provide. Even though he is practical, successful in business, he is sensitive.

He will respond to someone who also has a balanced sensibility, is looking for a stable home life, and sensitive herself.

You can provide him with emotional security. He does need to feel proud of who he is with.

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Taurus Challenge

A Taurus man's challenge is to learn to relax.

He needs to take time to smell the roses. His best love match will be someone who can bring this side out in him.

Love Match for Taurus

Love Match: He will do well with someone who is naturally easy going and in touch with their emotions. He needs someone who can support and cherish him.

She needs to be similiar in personality - Someone who also likes evenings at home and stability will be a good match.

A man born under this zodiac sign takes a while to commit to one person because he needs to be sure. But, when he proposes it is for keeps. He loves with his whole being. He is the salt of the earth.

Taurus Men and Family

wayne-dyer, Taurus Men

Taurus men like married life. They make wonderful partners as they are faithful and responsible. They like to shower their mate with gifts.

He enjoys making his partner feel secure. You make him feel loved and secure in an emotional way. This is the type of love that will grow and deepen over the years as you build memories and grow together.

Taurus males love kids and will want to be a father. They get a lot of fulfillment from this role. They enjoy teaching, guiding and interacting with their children.

Wayne Dyer (pictured above on right) is a good example of a man born under this zodiac sign. He has 8 children and is known as the father of spirituality.

He has a very paternal and nurturing way about him. He seems like he would be a great Dad.

He also has a 6 life path which means that family and being father would be important to him.

Taurus Men and Careers

Characteristic of Taurus:

They are practical, methodical, and purposeful. They are organized, good with details and do well in any type of business related field.

They are good with money matters and are often successful bankers and accountants.

Taurus rules the throat and they often are talented singers. They have many creative abilities. They might play a musical instrument, be painters, or writers.


Some famous men born under this zodiac sign are Al Pacino, Duke Ellingon, Bono (see picture above), Bing Crosby, Dennis Hopper, Emilio Estevez, George Clooney, Jerry Seinfeld, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, and Michael Moore

A Message from the Angels

The angels say, "Don't work too hard. Life goes by much too fast. Take time out to enjoy it. Take time for yourself.

Be sure to take the opportunity to tell the people you love how you feel about them. Sometimes you have a tough time expressing your emotions. This is an area that you can work on.

You are protected, and well taken care of. Have no fear. You are very, very loved." Learn more about talking to your angels.

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