What Attracts the Virgo Man

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Have you ever wondered what attracts the Virgo Man?

The Virgo man is going to be attracted to a woman who is lke himself: health conscious, good with money, environmentally aware, and kind to animals.

They are meticulous, cautious individuals who do not let themselves get swept up by emotion. They won't rush into anything either. They will use the first few dates with you to see if you're suitable or not.

They will have a lot of questions, right down to, "How long before you get a new toothbrush? Obviously, they won't come out and ask you this. They will get to know you better by asking subtle questions and using their powers of observation and intuition.

Being responsible, eco-friendly, and a neat appearance is what attracts the Virgo man. If you have a big gut hanging out, litter and look like you just fell out of bed you will not pass their test. Also, they are a conservative earth sign so if you want to attract them, do not wear anything too unconventional. Be sure to leave the bright pink tunic, big drop earrings and stilleto heels at home.

Being on time and reserved is what attracts the Virgo man Whatever you do, don't be late as they are sticklers for being punctual. Don't suggest an expensive, or loud restaurant. They like good food at modest prices and prefer quiet and understated over loud and fancy anytime. Even better, invite him to your place and cook for him.

What Attracts the Virgo Man
When Dating

It's true the symbol for Virgo is the Virgin but make no mistake, they are not prudish. They have a purity of Spirit says Rose and Wilcox, authors of "Sun Signs for the New Millenium."

They won't be outrageous or display a lot of affection in public, but they do have a lot of passion for the right person at the right time, says Rose.

If you are wondering what to do with a Virgo when dating, Rose suggests you can take them to museums and galleries.

They are cerebral so anything like this is good. They are intellectual types and the way to their hearts is through their brain. You might suggest going to hearing a guest lecture or author speak.

They are also big nature and animal lovers. You can take a walk through a park, visit the botanical gardens or a zoo.

In Love

Once in love, Virgos create a peaceful and blissful home environment. When things are not going well in the relationship or if they are overly stressed their persnickity critical side to their personality can rear its ugly head.

When they are in this mode, they will find faults with the little things and everyone in the household will feel the tension.

If you live with a Virgo your home will be spotless. They really dislike germs and love cleanliness which is good.

However, there is a point where we can all go too far. They need to be careful they don't get obsessive about it. Sometimes, its ok to say, "I'll let that go until morning".

Rose says, every sign benefits from aquiring the traits of the sign that follows theirs. In this case, its Libra. Libra doesn't need a reason to put their feet up and indulge. Also, Librans know to ask for help when things get tough. It would be good for Virgo to learn to relax, and to rely on their partner more.

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