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Quite a few of the angels overlap and can help you with the same request so don't worry if you can't remember which one to call on.

It is more important that you ask, not how you ask.

You could simply say, "Please help me" and they will come to your side.

You need to ask though because they will not violate your free will.

You don't only have to call on God's helpers when you need help.

The way to increase communication with these divine beings is to talk to them when you aren't in a crisis.

Read more about how to talk to your Angels here.

Akashic Records and Psychic Readings

Get to know them. Talk to them like you would a friend.

Getting used to talking to them will help because after you have established this connection it will be that much easier to hear them when you really do require their assistance.

To talk to them, share your thoughts and ask for advice about anything and everything in your life.

Then get quiet and listen to what comes through.

Depending on your dominant way of receiving messages, the answer could come in a feeling (cairesentient), image (clairevoyant) image (clairvoyant) knowingness (claircognizance, or hearing (claireaudient.)

The answer to your question could come through someone else, a conversation you overhear, a song on the radio, and many other ways. Find out which psychic power comes most natural to you.

Signs from Above

akashic records and psychic readings

You need to be alert to the signs. If you are looking for them, you will receive them. If you aren't looking out for them, you will miss them because they are subtle.

You might hear something in conversation three times in one day and think, "Oh, that's strange or What a coincidence".

But you didn't make the connection to what has been on your mind and what is showing up.

When you ask, and then listen, you are able to say, "Wow, I understand the message I am getting.

It is in direct response to the question I asked last night before I went to sleep."

I asked for a sign when I was deciding which direction to go in with my career. They gave me a definite sign and it changed my life. You can read my story here.

Before You go to Sleep


Another way to get messages is to ask the Archangels before you go to sleep to give you insight into whatever is on your mind.

For example, you could ask them to show you what the next right move is regarding your career while your are sleeping and to let you remember it when you wake up.

I've done this many times. There have been a few nights where I asked for something and I didn't remember when I woke up.

But as I look back the timing wasn't right for me to know the answer just then. Usually, I do get very interesting answers. Like so many people, I wanted to hear them but had trouble because I thought it was tougher than it is.

You don't have to try to hear them. That is one of the chief reasons many people don't hear them - they are straining.

Just know they are there with you.

Talk to them like you would a friend and trust whatever feelings, thoughts, images, and gut instincts comes through.

The Seven Archangels


You don't have to ask for a specific Archangel to help you.

But if you want to learn more about God's seven main helpers, click here. Each helper governs a specific area of life.

For example, Raphael deals with health related problems so call on him if you aren't feeling well.

Michael, the most powerful one of all, Michael is the one to call on when you want protection from negative energy.

Jophiel is the one to call on if you want to attract more beauty into your life.

Opening Up Your Psychic Channels


Talking to your angels is also an excellent way to open up your psychic channels.

It helps you get you into the habit of leaving your left brain (logic) and using your right brain (intuition).

Talking to these heavenly beings was a crucial step in my psychic development.

If you're interested in developing your intuitive abilities, click here.

In fact, it was my angels that pointed me in the direction of learning how to channel.

If I hadn't been listening to them, I wouldn't of found that path.

Once you start talking to them they can help you more and more. And the more you talk to them,the easier it gets.

Take your time with this. If you don't feel guided to hear yourangels at this time that is perfectly fine. When it is the right time, it will happen.

If you feel you are ready now, know that it's about getting quiet, listening, trusting, and then acting on the guidance given. It's really much easier than you think.



The benfits are great as well. You won't feel as stressed or anxious about anything because you know you can get guidance from a very trusted source at any time.

You will also feel more at peace because you know you are on the right path and life is unfolding just as it should be. You will see your life become more balanced, fulfilling, and abundant with the help of your angels.

I hope you will discover the joy of connecting with these divine beings.

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