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Free Love Tarot Reading - The Lovers:

As in all of the tarot cards of the Major Arcana, we are deciphering tarot card interpretations.

6 The Lovers

In this tarot card layouts we see a couple stand before us, naked and unadorned.

They may remind us of the first lovers, Adam and Eve.

To add to this Biblical symbolism, there are two trees behind the couple and these correspond to the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, which were said to be in the Garden of Eden.

Above the couple is an angel with its arms extended above them in a gesture of guidance or protection.

For this is a coupling under the blessing of Heaven.

The card lies within the influence of Gemini and relates to the concepts of duality and opposites and polarity.

The Lovers is naturally about relationships, but note how the man is looking to the woman yet she is the one looking to the angel.

There is much wisdom in this. It is said that a man led first by the eye whereas a woman is led first by the heart.

In a reading, this card can indicate the need to engage with the intuitive and receptive side of ourselves in order to engage with higher forces. This can involve seeking guidance from within or going to a trusted source.

We also see in this free love tarot reading of this symbol thatin a relationship, this card is a positive sign that things have a spiritual foundation and are free of deception or self-deception.

Such a relationship is based on truth and trust and the naked figures demonstrate a lack of self-consciousness or pretence.

Adler Gemini

As the card is influenced by Gemini, education, information or creative writing may also be indicated.

There may be a danger here of a relationship or attraction becoming too intellectualized because one or both parties are out of touch with their emotions.

There may also be potential for an idealized union, which has to be worked at to become actual.

It may be beneficial to study this card in comparison to that of The Devil, in order to see the difference in symbolism and structure between a balanced relationship based on free will and one based on control.

Lastly, this free love tarot reading tells us that if this card appears in a reading for a single person, it can indicate that they are now ready for a partnership and that a suitable person will soon come into their life.

The capacity for such a relationship occurs when they have worked on themselves and removed or diminished the all too human tendency to project all our fears, hopes and anxieties on to another person.

Romantic and sexual attraction drives much of human behavior, but it is Love that transforms us as well as our interactions.

Through love and The Lovers, we fulfil our potential and together become more than than two separate individuals ever could be.

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