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All About House Number Numerology:

Each number has its own vibration and the number of your apartment or house holds a unique meaning.

To figure out the numerology number for your home add up the numbers of your address. For example if you live at 41 Grove Street, you would add 4 + 1 = 5.

Now that you know your house represents a 5 vibration, you can look below to see what five symbolizes.

If you live in apartment building, you should figure your house number for your apartment, not your street address.

So if you live in apartment number 328 add up 3+2+8 = 13 and 1+3=4. You would look at what 4 represents.

I live in an apartment and my address adds up to 7. I know that the seven vibrations represents spirituality, learning, and being alone.

If your house number adds up to a 7 and you want to bring more people into your life, put a number 2 on the inside of the front door where people enter your home.

You now have a 9 vibration which will attract more people and activity into your life. You can get these stick on numbers at any hardware store.

House Number Numerology One

Numerology and Psychic Readings

A numerology 1 house is a unique home.

It will sit up on a hill set apart from the others or have some other unique feature associated with it.

The residents of a numerology 1 house will be busy pusuing their many interests and hobbies.

The house may seem lonely, as everyone is off doing their own thing.

If you would like people to stay home more and do things as a family, you can add a 1 (you can get stick on numbers at any hardware store)to the back of your front door to change the energy to a 2 house.

House Numerology Two

House Numerology and Psychic Readings

If you live in a numerology number two house, people are drawn to you and your home.

This is a good number if you want to attract more friends or a romantic partner into your life.

This is a happy residence.

You will find the people are congenial, co-operative, and like to spend time together.

House Numerology Three

House Numerology and Psychic Readings

This is a lively home. People gather in the kitchen over a cup of java and talk and talk and then talk some more:)

This is a bustling, happy dwelling. There is a lot of communication and activity.

People express their thoughts and feelings rather than hold them in. There is a lot of love here.

3 numerology is associated with creativity. This home's decor should reflect the creative expression of its' owner.

To keep in harmony with numerology 3, decorate using soft, curvy lines. Blues, yellows and florals are ideal.

House Numerology Four

Numerology and Psychic Readings Numerology 4 inhabitants crave security and comfort.

They like a relaxed, comfortable environment.

They are all about order and the house will be kept that way. When clutter builds people in this house are the first to gather any unused clothing or items and donate or throw them out.

The residents are more about functionality and less about creativity.

If you are an artist this is not the best house for you. This is a quiet dwelling. One that would be good for number crunchers and computer techies.

House Number Numerology Five

Numerology and Psychic Readings

This home has a progress in motion feel. People are coming and going. There is a relaxed feel. It is not a conservative dwelling.

This is the home of the traveler and adventure and is best when decorated with artifacts from the owner's world travels.

Decorate this home in an ecclectic and comfortable style. Numerology 5 is all about freedom and love of the ecclectic.

House Numerology Six

Numerology amd Psychic Readings

House Number Meanings for 6:

A numerology 6 house has a loving and warm environment. This is a family home where Mom, Dad and the kids enjoy doing activities together.

There is a great deal of caring and nurturing from the parents in this home.

Mom likes to make homemade cookies, read bedtimes stories if the kids are young, and helping them with their homework if they are older.

It is the type of home that children will like to bring their friends and even years later when the children are adults they will want to go back and visit often.

House Numerology Seven

Numerology and Psychic Readings

House Number Meanings for 7:

This address numerology is a quiet house where you will study and learn about new subjects.

It is a great place if you are introspective and like to spend time alone. If you prefer to be social, this home might be too lonely for you.

It is a spiritual and peaceful home. It would make a good home office for a counseling, or healing business.

Decorate sparsely using soft colors and lines. Keep it simple, and don't have a lot of clutter.

Numerology Number Eight

Numerology Psychic Readings

A numerology 8 residence is great if you want to attract money into your life. It holds the vibration of money, success, and achievement.

The inhabitants of this home are involved in creating wealth through their business and entreprenurial activities.

They have a lot of drive and ambition, rising early and retiring late in the evening. They spend a lot of their time focused on manifesting their dreams of wealth.

They are high achievers, have a lot of vision and stamina to realize their dreams.

Money and success are attracted to this home. A home business would do very well.

If you want to slow down, are laid back, or retired, this may not be the home for you. Decorate in a conservative, traditional manner.

House Numerology Nine

Numerology and Psychic Readings

A Numerology 9 address is the humanitarian home. If you live in this home you will want to reach out to your community and help others. You'll be interested in fighting for and supporting worthwhile causes.

Older individuals may be drawn to a 9 house, as it is the home of evolved and spiritual beings.

The numerology number nine home has a fun, easy going energy. The inhabitants want to talk and share their stories.

This is a great home to grow old in.

It doesn't have the active intensity of some of the other numbers. It has slower, easy going feel to it.

Decorate this home with the many things you have accumulated over the years. Be sure to display any awards or trophies you have received.

Call on Your Angels
If you Need Help Finding a House

If you are looking for a home and would like help finding the home that is best for you, call on the angels.

Archangel Jophiel is the angel connected to beauty. She is the one to call on if you need help locating the perfect house for you.

Learn more about the Angels and how to talk to them and Jophiel here.

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