Learn Psychic Abilities

learn psychic abilities and psychic readings

Learn psychic abilities? Is this possible?

Yes, You Can Learn to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Hi, Do you want to learn how to increase your intuitive skills?

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and relax as you read about how to get more intuitive.

From my experience, I have found the best way to increase my intuitve abilities is to take time to get quiet and listen to what spirit is trying to tell me.

It's about following your feelings and intuition. It's a gradual process that grows over time.

I wish I could say there was a magic exercise but it doesn't work like that. You really have to do the work and then it gets much easier. What is the work you're wondering?

It's getting quiet and listening. In our world with all the distractions and the busy lives we lead, this isn't always easy.

We get used to living in our head and having a million things take us away from being with our feelings in the present moment.

Once you start doing this, it will get easier and easier. You won't even notice you're doing it anymore and you'll wonder how you ever lived with out being able to tap into your intuition.

List of Psychic Abilities

learn psychic abilities and psychic readings

Learn psychic abilities:

Don't forget we all get messages different ways. Some people hear what the angels, (their guides, Source, God or Spirit) is saying. Other people get feelings, or simply have a knowing. These are all valid ways and no one way is better than another.

Here is a list of 4 types of psychic abilities:

Clairaudient - This refers to hearing messages from Source. Information can come in whole sentences, phrases or words. It will most likely sound like your voice but it can sound like someone else's also.

Clairevoyant - This is when you see visions. You might get images, pictures or even see a mini movie playing out in your mind's eye.

Eventually you will come to understand more and more what the different images symbolize and mean in your own life.

Clairesentient - This is when you get feelings through your body. They usually are felt in your solar plexus (stomach) area or your heart chakra.

Clairecognizant - This way is so subtle that many times people discount it. Information is downloaded to you so you simply have a knowing. You don't know how you know, you just know. For example, you might receive an inner knowing of the right move to make at this time in your life.

Developing Your Own
Psychic Powers

psychic abilities and psychic readings

Learn psychic abilities:

You need to pay attention to what is your strongest suit because in the beginning that is how you will receive messages. Over time, one, or more ways will be developed and made stronger.

That is what happened in my case. Clairesentient or Clairecognizant have always been my strongest ways to receive messages from Spirit. But after I started working with my guides and the angels, I found I was also hearing messages.

Don't get discouraged. It can take a little bit of time before you begin to get really attuned with them.

How fast it happens will depend on you. If you take time each day to connect with your angels, in a relatively short time you will see your connection grow considerably.

It doesn't have to be a long time either; It can be just 10-15 minutes.

Ways to Connect with Spirit

learn psychic abilities, akashic records

Learn psychic abilties:

Sometimes people have trouble getting to that place where they can hear their angels or guides. The best way is to get still.

If you want to learn psychic abilities here are some ways to quiet your mind:

Go outside and take a walk

Sit outside in nature

Pet your dog or cat

Meditate, Listen to music

Picture God's white light shining down on you

White Light Meditation

learn psychic abilities, akashic records

Learn psychic abilities:

This is a wonderful way to learn psychic abilities. It helps you to get quiet and in touch with your higher self.

Get into a comfortable position sitting or lying down.Next, picture white light shining down on you.

Feel God's light healing you, feel the white light touching every part of your body, nourishing each and every cell.

Feel yourself completely bathed in God's love and healing touch. You are whole. You are well. You are safe.

Keep concentrating on the healing white light of God that is all around you. While you are in this relaxed state, start talking to your angels. Ask them for help in any area that you need it.

Ask them questions about whatever is on your mind. And then listen to what types of responses you get. Remember you might not hear or see anything if this is not your dominant way of receiving messages. It might be more of a feeling or a knowing.

After about 5-10 minutes, You should feel a lot better. When you are ready get up. You can do this meditation whenever you feel you want to connect with Spirit.

It's also a wonderful meditation to do if you are feeling down or ill. The white light is healing and will lift your spirits and heal you at the same time.

Awakening your psychic abilities is easy when you have someone show you how. We have a wonderfulteacher who will walk you through the steps of being able to develop your psychic abilities.
Or you can find out more about our psychic readings.

We offer amazing askashic record and angel psychic readings.

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