Numerology Number 3

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If Numerology Number 3 is your life path number you are outgoing, charismatic, fun loving, generous, and verbal.

You love to talk and are a great communicator.

You are also creative and have a sharp mind.

You are independent, and original thinkers.

You are very much your own person and walk your own path.

You are very social and like I said love to shmooze.

You have bubbly personalities, and have lots of energy.

You are playful and fun to be around.

Family and home are important to you. You have nurturing qualities. You like children and want to be a mother.

You are intuitive. You see alot of what goes on behind the surface and know more about people that what they are telling you.

You have a warm personality, are a people lover, and have the ability to make people feel good.

People are drawn to you. You have the ability to bring people together. You liven up any social gathering.

This number is ruled by Jupiter.

Numerology Number 3
and Careers

You would do well in any career that involves creativity. Advertising is a natural choice for you. You also excel in the arts so all creative pursuits such as acting, design, and painting suit your gifts.

As you are someone who loves to talk, you do well in any job where you need to communicate with others.

You could also go into business, and public relations.

Your greatest career, however, is motherhood. This role brings you a lot of satisfaction.

Numerology Number 3
In Relationships

You are a people lover, and like being in a romantic relationship. You love family and if are not married, would like to be married.

You have many friends. You talk so much that you might be a little bit of a gossip. You are sensitive in relationships, even with friends.

If someone says something to you that is negative, you will get hurt. You will get over it but you don't like to be criticised. You are easy going and don't like conflict. Youtend to see the best in people.

Numerology 3
Life Lessons

Your life lessons are to learn forgiveness, and compassion for others.

The downside of this number is you can be selfish and egotistical, only thinking of yourself.

One of your jobs in this lifetime is to transcend the ego and grow in your compassion for others.

The lesson of forgiveness will help you to grow in these areas. If you are having trouble letting go, or forgiving someone, call on the angels to help you.

Birthdate Numerology Compatibility

Your life path number is calculated from your birthdate. Certain life paths will have an easier time relating than others.

3, 6, and 9 are the creative life path numbers.

1,5, and 7 are the thinkers (our minds are always going, I'm a 5 life path) and 2,4,and 8 are the builders. You will do well in relationships with people who are in your cluster.

3,6, and 9 get along best together. After this they get along best with the 1, 5, and 7 life path numbers.

While you can have close relationships with individuals with a 2,4, or 8 life path it won't be as easy. You will have to work more at these relationships.

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