Numerology Number 5
is All About Change

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Numerology number 5 is all about change.

If you have this number you like variety, and to be on the go. You can usually be found where the action is, and making things happen.

If you have this number you love fashion and enjoy wearing the latest, most up to date styles.

This is my life path number so I speak from first hand experience. We do not like being bored.

Instead we like to be going from one fun activity to the next.

If you have a few fives in your chart or a 5 life path number you like to travel and seek out new adventures.

Numerology 5 Life Path's Love their Freedom

Anything that is new and different is appealing. You are fun loving, and expressive. You love your freedom, are adventurous and have a free spirit.

You don't like to sit and concentrate on one subject too long. Instead, you prefer to learn and know about a lot of different subjects.

You need to be careful not to spread yourself too thin and stay focused on your goals and dreams.

You could easily be a jack of all trades but its better if you focus on one subject and develop mastery in one area.

Numerology Number 5
In Relationships

You like to have variety and spice in your relationships. This does not mean that you like to change partners. You are monogomous. It's just that boredom is the kiss of death for you. Your partner needs to have a good imagination and be open to new ideas.

Ideally, he will like to travel to exotic locals as you do. He will be sponaneous and affectionate. He will bring you flowers and cook up your favorite meal or plan an evening for no reason. The two of you will enjoy dining at restaurants that are off the beaten path.

You need space in a relationship. He needs to be able to be independent and respect your need to be your own person.

You need mental stimulation so you need to be with someone who enjoys discussing a wide range of topics as you do.

Numerology Number 5's
Life Lessons

You lesson in this life is to learn to listen to your self. You had lots of influences and strong minded people in your life as a young person.

Your job is to learn to rely on your own inner guidance and develop your own voice and way in the world. You are here to learn about self-reliance, and autonomy.

Best Careers Choices

Any career that invites variety, and creativity is good. You would not do well sitting an office all day. Anything that is too dry such as accounting would not be a good choice.

Of all the numbers, 5 really doesn't like being tied down to a 9 to 5 job.

This is because they love their freedom. A job where they are their own boss, can make their own hours, or work from home is ideal.

Favorable occupations for numerology number 5 individuals are anythng that involves travel. You could book trips, write reviews for hotels, or give tours.

Overseeing projects and other people is also good which is why managerial positions are suitable.

However, if you are a manager you would need to have some leeway in your work schedule.

Chef, and producer are also good choices for someone with this life path number. Careers having to do with spirituality, and healing are favorable as well. Aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and counseling are possible options for someone with this life path number.

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