Numerology Number 6: Family

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Numerology Number 6 is all about family, and being nurturing.

Family is very important to someone with a 6 in their chart and especially if it is their life path number.

If you have this number in your chart, you were close to your family when growing up and want to experience being a mother or father as an adult.

If you don't have children of their own, your pets will be like your children

You are meant to find a way to nurture and make excellent parents as you are compassionate and patient.

You also like animals and being in nature.

You are very creative and like anything to do with the arts.

3,6,9 are the creative numbers. 1,5,7 are the thinkers and 2,4,8 are the builders.

If you have a 6 life path number you will get along best with someone who has a 6,3, or 9 as their life path.

Your next best cluster in terms of compatibility are the 1,5,7 life paths.

The 2,4,8 life pathers are the most challenging numbers for you.

Your color is white.

Numerology Number 6
and Relationships

In relationships you are very loving and enjoy being in a partnership and part of a family. You are very giving and loyal.

You are a natural peacemaker.

You don't like conflict and will do what you can to avoid it.

You are concerned about how others feel, and try to make others feel good.

Your Life Challenges

The challenge for someone with this life path is they can give too much. They need to learn to take care of themselves by taking time to rest.

Sometimes in their desire to help the people close to them they neglect their own well being. This hurts everyone in the long run.

A person with this number needs to learn balance, setting limits, and to take care of themselves.

Numerology 6 and Careers

They make very good nurses, doctors, and any other profession related to healing.

Being a parent is very fulfilling for someone with this number.

Social worker, teacher, writer, and artist are other careers that are in alignment.

6 is a creative number and any job related to the arts such as painting, acting, or design is very good also.

Any career where they can use their expressive talents, and their compassionate, sensitive natures is good.

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