The Seven Archangels Of Heaven
And How They Can Help
You In Your Life

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The seven archangels of heaven are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel, and Raguel.



Archangel Michael is the leader of all the angels. He governs protection, courage, direction, truth, integrity, and self-esteem. This messenger of God protects our physical bodies as well as our emotions.

He is also the one to call on when you need protection from negative energy. If you have to work with people who are negative or you will be in a crowded place call on him for help. Ask him to surround you with his purple light. This light will protect you for up to twelve hours.

Michael is a very powerful angel. You can call on him whenever you need help or simply ask him to stay by your side. Read more about how Archangel Michael can help you.

Clearing Negative Energy
with Archangel Michael

If you are feeling less than well because you've taken on someone else's energy or if someone has put a psychic attack on you, ask this special angel to vacuum away any toxic or negative energies from your body.

I remember one time when this procedure really came in handy. I had gone out with friends for dinner and against my better judgement ended up going to this seedy bar in a run down neighborhood to hear a band they wanted to hear. I stayed way too long. The next day, I noticed I felt lousy and my whole mood had shifted.

Usually I am careful about what I put into my body because I have some food sensitivities. I didn't even care. I was eating the wrong foods, and not feeling like my usual self. All of a sudden, I felt down and was just not in a good place. I attributed this change in behavior to staying out so late and not getting much sleep. It wasn't until a few days later that I realized what had happened.

It turns out a negative entity - a negative entity is someone who has not accepted they are dead. Instead of moving on to the light, they try and attach themselves to unsuspecting people so they can live vicariously through them - had attached themselves to me at this bar. They usually hang around places that have alcohol.

A day or two later, after I suspected what was going on (I need to credit Dr. Doreen Virtue, author of many angel books for teaching me about this) I asked Michael to vacuum any lower energies out of my body. I felt a very dramatic change in my body immediately after I made the request. I felt like this dark entity had been removed in that instant. All of a sudden I felt lighter, and like my old self again. What a life saver this angel can be.

Michael is also good to call on if you feel a relationship isn't serving you or is holding you back in some way. In this case, he will perform psychic surgery on you.

Ask him to cut the cords to your father, mother, ex-boyfriend or whomever. You don't have to worry he doesn't sever your ties to this person.

This powerful angel just takes away the dysfunctional parts; The love and the lessons always remain. This diety is a very powerful angel to call on. You can ask him to stay by your side continuosly if you like.


Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is known for his healing abilities. He assists in healing people and animals. You can call on Raphael to heal someone else but if that person does not wish to be healed, he can't intercede with their free will.

He is also helpful if you need help finding a lost pet, getting rid of an addiction or suffered a major loss.

For help in healing yourself ask Raphael to heal you with his green healing liquid. You can make a habit of asking him each night before you go to sleep to heal you. And of course, don't forget to always thank the angels.

Read more about how you can heal with Archangel Raphael.


The Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel, the only female archangel, is known for helping anyone in the communications field overcome fear and procrastination.

She is also helpful to call on if you would like to conceive or adopt a child, find your true calling in life, or make a house move.

Writers are especially known to call on Gabriel to help them with their projects. The next time you need help with your writing, don't forget to call on Gabriel.


Seven Archangels Uriel

Of the seven archangels of heaven, Uriel is known as the wise angel. Call on him when you need practical solutions or creative insight.

He is also the one to call on to avert natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.


Angels and Telephone Psychic Readings

Chamuel is known for his pure love. He helps to renew existing relationships and find soulmates. If you are feeling sad, hopeless, lonely or broken hearted Chamuel is the one to call on.


Angels and Telephone Psychic Readings

Jophiel is the angel of art and beauty. Of the seven archangels, she is the one that will help you appreciate the beauty around you and create a beautiful home.

If you need more joy and laughter in your life, call on Jophiel.

Read more about Archangel Jophiel


Angels and Telephone Psychic Readings

Of the seven archangels, Raguel is the angel of justice and fairness. He resolves conflicts and restores harmony in relationships. He is the defender of the underdog.

If you find it difficult to remember all seven archangels and what area they specialize in that is okay. Alot of the angels overlap and can help you with the same thing.

Don't get caught up in which one of the seven archangels to ask. It is more important that you ask, not how you ask.

You could simply say, "Angels, help me" and they will. You need to ask though because they can't help you unless you do.

You don't only have to call on the seven archangels when you need help. The way to increase communication with them is to talk to them about all kinds of matters in your life, not just when you are having a crisis.

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