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Verbally Channeling Your Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide-2: To verbally channel your spirit guide, you should get into a relaxed state as was practiced on the previous page - preparing to meet your guide. Once you feel relaxed and ready to channel your spirit guide, follow these steps:

  1. First, imagine a white light around you. Then, imagine a light entering at the back of your neck.

  2. Next, imagine a white light entering your throat area.

  3. Climbingtoheaven
  4. Imagine yourself going higher and higher as you reach up to the higher realms.

  5. Tell yourself that you can do this and trust that it might feel like your imagination. This is an important point.

    In the beginning, you will question whether it is just your imagination or are you really connecting with your guide. Most likely it will feel like it is your imagination.

    This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. Just have faith in yourself and the process.

  6. Call to your guide. Talk to him for a few minutes making sure he is from the light.

    When you feel certain, invite your guide to come closer into your aura.

  7. Woman Meditating
  8. Feel your guide penetrating your energy field. Ask him if there is anything you can do to help him connect with your energy.

    Try moving your neck and head until you fing just the right spot. Continue to ask your guide to come more fully into your field. Feel the connection going stronger.

    You don't have to worry. A guide will never try and overtake your personality. You are always in control and have free will. You will feel a loving, peaceful presence. It's as if the highest being possible has their arms wrapped around you.

    Don't worry if you don't feel this at first. It took me several tries before I got to this place. The vibration, however, should feel high, loving and wise.

    If it feels negative or heavy ask him or her to leave. Ask again for the highest possible guide that is best for your growth come to you.

  9. Turn your tape recorder on. Ask your guide for their name. Don not be concerned if you do not get a name. Some guides don't have them. Move onto the next step after several minutes.

  10. Start channeling by asking your guide questions. They can be questions such as, "What is my life purpose? or What lessons did I come here to learn?" See more questions here.

    If you only get pictures of symbols, talk to these. If you aren't getting anything, ask your guide to strenghten your connection.

  11. Talking to our guide picnik
  12. To get your verbal connection started, describe any physical sensations you are feeling and record them.

    Once you get going, you can start by asking questions.

  13. Continue asking questions until as long as you feel comfortable. When you are ready to stop, sit quietly and enjoy feeling your spirit guide's energy for a short time.

  14. When you are ready, thank your guide for coming. Feel their love and appreciation for you. Open your eyes and come fully out of the trance state.

    If this didn't work for you, try again in a few days. Do not get discouraged. If you have a desire there is no reason why you can't channel.

    I'd like to acknowledge the book that taught me how to channel: Opening To Channel by Sanya Roman and Duane Packer.

    It's an informative book that the authors channeled through their spirit guides Orin and Daben.

    I highly reccomend this book if you would like to explore channeling further.

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