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im single right now. will the next relationship im in be successful?
Hi Lisa, I get very good vibes from you. I love your sight. I appreciate you taking the time to even read my question. I know you get tons, and many people

Aquarius Profile; Personality Characteristcs Horoscopes How to Attract Aquarius
Aquarius Profile; Typical characteristics sign and love horoscopes. How to attract a female and male Aquarius.

I was wondering when will me and my boyfriend have a child we have been trying for 2 years.

where will i find my true partner in life the one will i marry
i’m alexander..born december 13…previously my girlfriend broke up w/ me…..and i know she is not the one i’m gonna marry….where and when can i find

The Gift of Empathy?
Dear Lisa, I wanted to ask what the angels can tell us about why there are people who are sensitives and empaths? It can be such a huge burden at times

Astrology Reading Sample of Queen Victoria
An in depth astrology reading of Queen Victoria

Numerology 555, Life Path Numerology
Numerology-555; Akashic records, astrology signs, love compatibility, angels, numerology, power animals and more.

Taurus Men, Characteristics, Love Compatibility and How to Attract a Taurus
Taurus Men: Characteristics: Taurus men are quite concerned with making money. They need to feel secure in the world. One way they do this is by having enough money in their bank account.

Taurus Women, Personality Characteristics Love Compatibility Traits about Women
Taurus Women: Females born under this sign are

Palm Reading Hand Chart: A 3 Line Chart of Your Personality
Palm reading hand chart: Life Line, Marriage Line, Learn palm reading

Power Animals, Animal Spirit Guides,Totem
Power Animals: Power Animals convey important messages to us all the time. If a totem crosses your path in an usual way, learn what it is trying to tell you about your own life.

House Number Numerology, Numerology Meanings
House Number Numerology: Each number has its own vibration and the number of your apartment or house holds a unique meaning.

Dating a Taurus Man, What Attracts a Taurus Man and Love Compatibility
Dating a Taurus Man, Personality Traits and How to attract a Taurus male; his likes, dislikes, and sexuality.

Aries Woman Capricorn Man, Aries Relationship
Aries Woman Capricorn Man; Is this an Aries love match? Read about the Aries’ personality, best career choices and more.

333 Numerology – The Ascended Masters are Around You Now
333 Numerology; This is a sign that one or more of the Ascended Masters are close by. Read more here.

Hello Lisa: I am in a financial difficutly right now, my bank account has been going to the negative every week and it seems endless, Ms. Lisa. I have

My life’s purpose
I came to America almost 30 years ago from Europe. I would like to know he purpose of being here, and what kind of job should I do to be happy and feel

financial problems
I am losing my business, house everything. It came to a standstill. I am desperate and dont know what to do anymore. I feelas if someone cast a very evil

will i find a job
after 20 years in the same field, i have lost 2 jobs in the last year, and can not even get an interview for a new job

The number 306
I see this number over and over. What could it mean

Surrounded By Threes
Apart from my respect to the power of three and three fold creed, including the repeated visiting of the triple threes anywhere I turn, more am I visited

Aries, Libra, and Gemini are my favorite signs
I am a female Aquarius/Aquarius. My best friend for the past 7 years is an Aries/Geminifemale and another really close friend is an Aries male. I think

whats bothering my dog chino and cat zander?
I have a two yr old long haired light tan chahuahua and a 12 yr old 1/2 Egyption mow and 1/2 ? any way for the last year or so it seems at night my chahuahua

Vince – 8 yrs old
Hello, My cat is called Vince. He is 8 years old. And for the last year or two, he has been randomly biting and scratching me. It’s like he has pent up

Almost a a perfect FIT!
I agree with everything but the math and science bit! Science I can excel at, especially Chemistry (in science terms). However, Math is just not my forte!

Hi Lisa I found your site while looking into spider spirit guides. Lately they are everywhere around me and right in front of my face…at work and at

love and the future
hi im kate im 25 this guy called jonn i call him j hes in love with me i like him to. we are both american he lives in florida i live in the uk. hes 19

lost and alone
Hi Lisa, I have been through alot and have been alone for some time. Will I be in a relationship in the future or will I face the future alone?. Any insight

Is he interested in me romantically?
My name is Sarah, and I want to know does Mitchell really like me? I feel ignored by him as he hasn’t responded to my email, yet he did say he had a good

Health concern for twin sister
Pain in jaw, severe migraines, for 3 weeks now. Pain is worsening.. My sister has been to dentist, ER, had CT scan and test was normal, labs showed high